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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Story|The Lion and The Talking Den

Once upon a time a clever jackal made his home in a cave in the jungle.Everyday he would leave the cave at sunrise in search of food and return at sunset.In the same forest lived a lion.he had grown very old and could no longer run fast to catch his prey.He often went hungry because of day the lion tried to catch a lame deer.But even the lame deer could run faster than him.As the lion wandered in search of prey,he saw the jackal`s cave.He was sure that some animal lived in the cave.He had an idea!The lion waited in the cave for the whole day.He was very hungry and this made him very restless and impatient.then the jackal came back after hunt and saw that somebody was sitting inside the cave so he made a sound  and the lion got scared that the cave made a sound to the jackal.So the lion came out in search of the jackal.But the jackal was sitting behind the bushes. so the lion went away as he thought the jackal had gone.

moral-Haste is the bottom of all mistakes.

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