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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Nursery Rhyme in Hindi on Elephants |Hathi Raja........Hindi Nursery rhyme

Hindi Nursery Rhymeon Elephants.हाथी राजा .........Hindi Nursery rhyme tells about the big elephant ,which attracts every child. Children enjoy seeing the elephant, its long trunk ,huge size .

हाथी राजा बहुत बड़े ,
सूंड उठा कर कहा चले ,
मेरे घर में आओ ना ,
हलवा पुडी खाओ ना,
आओ बैठो कुर्सी पर ,
कुर्सी बोली चटर पटर |

1 comment:

deepa venkitesh said...

lovely and how cute. you have done a service by writing the hindi script. thank you. and all the best. do join network blogs in facebook too.

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